About Us

About Us

The bicycle market is full of promises. Amazing features and exotic materials. Companies (or more accurately, their Marketing Departments) give strange and unheard names in different technologies used.

But how do  these technologies actually affect the performance and durability of their products? How do we distinguish the truly innovative product from a sophisticated variant of an existing one, which offers to solve problems that do not exist? How much more does innovation cost?

Meanwhile the price difference between products marketed in Western markets with those offered directly by the "manufacturers" from the Far East, is quite dramatic. As cyclists ourselves we reconsidered all the above. That led us to our own research in order to see if we can remove the uncertainty factor from the equation. This effort led us to create Ride Composites.

Ride does not offer the most innovative products. Neither the finest. Ride offers reliable products with excellent performance, on value prices. Products supported with 18 months warranty (12 in the clincher models) and 24 months crash replacement.

#Ride Hard!

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